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Medical Tourism in India : Travel and Touring for better health from >> Main Travel >> Medical Tourism

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Indians, NRIs and tourists from around the world are beginning to realize the potential of modern and traditional Indian medicine. Indian hospitals and medical establishments have also realized the potential of this niche market and have begun to tailor their services for foreign visitors. At a regional geo-political level, this nascent industry came to limelight with the arrival of 'Naby Noor' from Pakistan, who came by the Indo-Pak bus service and got a red-carpet treatment at hospital in Bangalore. Several Indian state governments have realized the potential of this 'industry' and have been actively promoting it. Visitors, especially from the west and the middle-east find Indian hospitals a very affordable and viable option to grappling with insurance and National medical systems in their native lands. Many prefer to combine their treatments with a visit to the 'exotic east' with their families, killing two birds with one stone. You may also visit our health sections at Ayurveda, or Yoga or the Sitemap


Interesting Articles on Medical Tourism

  • ‘Obamacare’ and Medical Tourism in India - As millions of uninsured Americans begin signing up for health insurance plans now being offered through the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”), much news has been made about how India’s pharmaceutical industry stands to profit from increased U.S. demand for generic drugs. But there’s another way India might benefit as well: medical tourism. Medical procedures cost far less abroad than they do in America’s notoriously expensive health-care system. For example, a hip replacement that costs $75,000 in the United States runs only $9,000 in India, while a heart-valve replacement in India costs only 10 percent of what it does in the United States. Even when one factors in the cost of airfare and four-star hotel lodging for the patient and a companion, the savings are eye-popping.Even prior to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, some American employers were already encouraging medical tourism in order to keep costs down. HSM, a North Carolina-based manufacturer of furniture and auto parts, has saved millions of dollars over the years by giving employees the option to go overseas for surgery (
  • Weight Loss Surgery in India - India is an attractive weight loss surgery destination for people abroad looking for affordable self paying bariatric procedures. Combined with a choice of high quality JCI accredited hosptials & many US trained surgeons, savings of more than 70% compared to US prices can be achieved. This article educates on weight loss surgery in India.
  • Kerala to Venture into Medical Tourism - The latest buzzword in Kerala is medical tourism with the state government appearing to have cracked the winning combination of fun and well. Tourists like 50-year-old Clay Andersson from Carolina have already experienced the boon of Kerala's medical tourism.
  • Surgeries, Side Trips for 'Medical Tourists' - Affordable Care at India's Private Hospitals Draws Growing Number of Foreigners
    " Howard Staab learned that he suffered from a life-threatening heart condition and would have to undergo surgery at a cost of up to $200,000 -- an impossible sum for the 53-year-old carpenter from Durham, N.C., who has no health insurance."
    So he outsourced the job to India." Taking his cue from cost-cutting U.S. businesses, Staab last month flew about 7,500 miles to the Indian capital, where doctors at the Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre -- a sleek aluminum-colored building across the street from a bicycle-rickshaw stand -- replaced his balky heart valve with one harvested from a pig. Total bill: about $10,000, including round-trip airfare and a planned side trip to the Taj Mahal.
  • Hospitals in India - Quality medical treatment at low cost, coupled with great traveling experience is possibly the perfect way to recover from any medical ailment. Medical treatment is a costly affair in developed nations that has made patients from these countries think twice before undergoing any medical treatment in their own country. As such, they find it more beneficial to avail treatment in foreign countries offering similar and even better medical services at a far more economical cost.
  • Tapping Medical Tourism for cost savings- The National Coalition on Health Care reports about 500,000 Americans traveled overseas last year to undergo surgeries that would have cost two to three times more in the United States. Medical tourism has risen in the last few years, with U.S.
  • Why is India most suitable? : As Indian corporate hospitals are on par, if not better than the best hospitals in Thailand, Singapore, etc there is scope for improvement, and the country may become a preferred medical destination. In addition to the increasingly top class medical care, a big draw for foreign patients is also the very minimal or hardly any waitlist as is common in European or American hospitals. In fact, priority treatment is provided today in Indian hospitals. The Apollo Group, Escorts Hospitals in New Delhi and Jaslok Hospitals in Mumbai are to name a few which are established names even abroad. A list of corporate hospitals such as Global Hospitals, CARE and Dr L.V. Prasad Eye Hospitals in Hyderabad, The Hindujas and NM Excellence in Mumbai, also have built capabilities and are handling a steadily increasing flow of foreign patients.
  • Outsourcing Your Heart : Elective surgery in India? Medical tourism is booming, and U.S. companies trying to contain health-care costs are starting to take notice.
  • People come from all over to save on health care in India and it is not dissimilar to Americans traveling to the Caribbean staying in Cancun hotels of in Punta Cana Dominican Republic for elective surgeries. People seeking to cut health care costs often travel to India and Latin America.
    • India World's preferred healthcare destination :With an estimated 1.7 lakh foreigners already flying to India for medical treatment annually, the country is poised to capture the fast-growing market for off-shore health care and help solve the crisis of surging medical costs in the developed world.
    • Carry On Doctor! The Americans, the British, the Canadians, they are all coming. The tourist attraction: a hospital
      Shortly after it was featured in the American TV programme 60 Minutes, e-mails began hitting the inbox of Delhi's Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, seconds apart from each other. From Illinois, Florida, Washington, Texas, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, from British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Curious, hopeful or frankly desperate, they were all looking for deals, asking prices, checking out packages: what will a new hip cost, by itself, and with bigger breasts thrown in? What about a package for two - a facelift for me, Lasik eye surgery for my companion? How much for a bridge, a root canal, ivf, angioplasty, gastric bypass surgery.... This is my budget, what can I get for it?
    • Vacation, Adventure And Surgery? (CBS) This summer, millions headed out to foreign lands for vacation, adventure, tourism, or just a beautiful beach. But how about hip surgery or a multiple bypass or a facelift? A growing number of tourists are doing just that, combining holidays with health care, and that's because a growing number of countries are offering first-rate medical care at Third-World prices. Many of these medical tourists can't afford health care at home (the 40 million uninsured Americans, for example). Others are going for procedures not covered by their insurance: cosmetic surgery or infertility treatment, for example.
    • Medical tourism likely to become India's next big success story :Some U.S. businesses and insurance companies are outsourcing health care services to the developing world as a way to reduce health spending. Details
    • Medical Tourism Review : A destination for informative and resources on the booming medical and healthcare tourism industry. Aims to provide a comprehensive collection of information, links, reviews and articles to help you make the right choices and decisions regarding your healthcare..
    • A Passage to India for Medical Treatment: · Growing numbers of foreign patients, including uninsured Americans, are going to India for medical treatment. Proponents say the health care is comparable to much that is available in the United States, and at a far lower cost... (by Miranda Kennedy, All Things Considered, NPR; March 26, 2005); Stating... "It looks like a hospital": Medical Tourism in India Amardeep singh blogs on the program: on NPR: A growing number of Europeans are going to India to get medical treatment, including advanced surgery. This story has a Canadian man who needed a knee replacement, but was told that it would take a year before the operation could be performed in Canada. He was able to fly to India, have the operation done, and stay for 21 days in the hospital, all for $8000. He used Apollo Hospitals, which is aggressively marketing itself for just this sort of thing. But apparently India doesn't have a licensing system for this type of private hospital (is that really true?), and only a a small number of European and North American insurance companies currently recognize them. The story suggests that India could generate revenues of $2 Billion USD this way by 2012. But again, it will only happen if the government invests in certain infrastructure improvements; one potential patient (this could be apocryphal) was so horrified by what he saw between the airport and the hospital that he decided not to get treatment in India after all.
    • Health Tourism: India is turning out to be a top destination for patients and travellers worldwide. With its state of the art hospitals and highly quailified UK-US trained doctors, it will soon transform into the worldwide medical hub.
    • American Heart Association Encourages Mitral Valve Surgery after Pressure from Indian Doctors
      Many elderly patients have traveled to India for mitral valve surgery after being turned away by US doctors because of their perceived risk.
    • Indian Medical/Health Tourism Service Sector Network Report: Asia Pro Eco Programme is a five years programme launched by European Union in 2002. The report also references this page of
    • Medical tourism pros consider impact of healthcare reform: The global medical tourism marketplace had already been slowed by the recession when President Obama signed health care reform into law in March. The new legislation sent the industry into a stall as it scrambled to figure out how extending insurance coverage to an estimated 30 million Americans might change the medical travel landscape.

    Links to prominent service providers

    Prominent Medical Tourism service providers include:

    • Dr. Krinita Motwani's Dental Clinic One need not be born with perfect pearly whites ...... Its only a matter of hours in which our expert team can transform your smile and boost your confidence !! Introducing to you our plush, spa-like, multi-speciality dental unit, combining the energies of a lounge with hi-tech dental equipment and only the latest materials and methods to achieve our goal. Come get that "DAZZLE IN YOUR SMILE " that you have always wanted !!
      Address: 403, Simran Plaza, Junction of 3rd & 4th Road, Khar west, Mumbai 400052,India. Contact : +91 22 26043030 / +91 9820280343 / +91 9819002288
    • All India Institute of Medical Science - Delhi AIIMS's contribution in the fields of medical education, research and specialized treatment is widely acknowledged.
    • Apollo Hospital - DelhiThe Apollo Heart Hospitals have eight state-of-the-art cath labs. Plain balloon angioplasty, directional coronary arthectomy, rotablatory coronary artery stenting. Others :Apollo Cancer Hospital, Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad.
    • B.M.Birla Heart Research Centre B.M. Birla Heart Research Centre in Calcutta is a super speciality hospital dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis, treatment and research related to cardiovascular diseases. It has established itself as India's most advanced heart center.
    • Christian Medical College Vellore  The Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore occupies a prominent placeamong medical institutions in India and in the world as a 1,700-bed multicampus complex that is a vital, diverse, interdenominational community.
    • Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre (EHIRC), New Delhi, ranked as the best cardiac hospital in India.
    • Tata Memorial HospitalTata Memorial Hospital is located at Dr. Ernest Borges Marg, Parel, in the Central District of Mumbai, a short taxi ride from the local stations, the hospital has private and deluxe rooms.
    • Apollo Cancer Hospital Chennai Appolo Cancer Hospital, Chennai is the first hospital in the country to be awarded the ISO 9002 certificate.
    • Indraprastha Medical Corporation There are many feathers in India's cap. Indraprastha Medical Corporation in Delhi is India's first corporate hospital and the third largest corporate hospital outside the USA.
    • Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases The Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Chennai has gained a reputation for being one of the most advanced centers in the world.
    • PD Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Reserch Centre The main objective is bringing to India well qualified and experienced doctors from USA to upgrade the expertise of HNH doctors, and to ensure co-operation in research and pursue joint projects in the fields of: Coronary artery disease, Osteoporosis and Asthma.
    • Mediminds India's most trusted medical tourism facilitator, promoted and managed by the professionals from the healthcare industry. Mediminds provides turnkey solutions for international medical travellers, from selecting best and most suitable surgeon/hospital second opinions, costs transparency, travel & accommodation solutions, visa support, 24-hour medical services, doctor on call, nursing, pharmacy, telephones, internet services and all any service required by patients and the friends & relatives accompanying the patient.
    • Medical
    • For more information about getting mitral valve surgery or other medical procedures in India at affordable prices, please contact at 1-800-984-0457 or by email at
    • Medical Tourism: Find World-Class Hospitals, Doctors and Dentists. Safe, Affordable, Health Care World Wide.
    • Medical Tourism Co - Low Cost International Hospitals, Clinics & Surgery Centers. Medical Tourism at international low cost specialty hospitals, clinics & surgery centers. These global medical institutes have expert doctors, surgeons, and specialist & physicians. Saving of 60~80% over US medical prices. Hospital locations include India, Thailand, mexico, Costa Rica & More. Also check out the blog
    • Max Healthcare
    • Madras Medical Mission
    • Wockhardt Hospitals
    • Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences
    • Medical Tourism: Medical Tourism In India, Healthcare Tourism In India: Welcome To Recover Discover - We Facilitate Healthcare
    • Cosmetic Surgery India Aesthetic Surgery India strives to be the leading Indian Cosmetic Surgery doctor & hospital information portal. We link our clients to board certified cosmetic surgeons for affordable & high quality surgery. Procedures include: facelift, tummy tuck, mummy makeover, breast augmentation, liposuction, hair transplants and more
    • Surrogate Mothers in India Page is devoted on education about Surrogate Mothers in India. It briefs on, surrogate mother selection, laws, cost & more. Surrogacy clinic links people in various countries looking for cheap surrogacy options in India.
    • Teeth Implants IndiaTeeth implants in India are about 70% cheaper than the USA. Dentavacation helps people link to leading dental tourism experts in India. Dental Implant procedures include: All on 4 implants, Full Mouth restoration, Same day Implants, implants for Fixed denture, mini implants & traditional implants.
    • Weight Loss Surgery IndiaWeight loss (bariatric surgery) attracts many people to India. Highly trained surgeons, low cost & reputed hospitals make this possible. Bariatric Surgery world helps get affordable weight loss surgery in India.

    Foreign Governments promoting Medical Tourism for Citizen

    • Canadian Government: In Canada Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) will pay in full for health services outside Canada if the patient gets written authorization from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care before the treatment is given, and the treatment is generally accepted in Ontario, and the treatment or an equivalent procedure is not performed in Ontario or the treatment is performed in Ontario but it is necessary that the person travel outside Canada to avoid a delay that would result in death or medically significant irreversible tissue damage. In order to obtain consideration for full funding of treatment outside Canada your Ontario physician must apply to the ministry for prior approval while you are in Ontario, before you receive out-of-country treatment. For more information visit:Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
    • is a leading virtual medical service provider with an international network of state of the art medical facilities based in USA, Europe and India with accomplished and distinguished physicians and surgeons with vast experience in various medical disciplines including cardiothoracic surgery cosmetic and plastic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery, microsurgery, joint replacements and highly advanced form of ophthalmic and ear surgery.
    • Government of India Promoting Medical tourism to India: India is a perfect destination for medical tourism that combines health treatment with visits to some of the most alluring and awe-inspiring places of the world. A growing number of tourists are flocking in large numbers because of the superlative medical care, equipments and facilities that India offers. India excels in providing quality and cheap health care services to overseas tourists. The field has such lucrative potential that it can become a $2.3 billion business by 2012, states a study by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). In 2004, some 150,000 foreigners visited India for treatment, and the numbers have been rising by 15 per cent each year.

    Where & What of Medical Tourism

    Europe has a long tradition of medical tourism, going back to the water cures of the spas, where the healing mineral waters offered miracle cures for all known diseases. Private Swiss clinics, looking to lure the new capitalists of Eastern Europe, have placed ads in Swissair's in-flight magazine with the slogan "Get well in Switzerland." In 1997, medical tourism brought Switzerland over 25,000 patients and US$340 million, and through expanded publicity campaigns, the Swiss clinics are trying to expand this already lucrative market.

    German physicians, relying on their nation's reputation for quality and efficiency, and using the slogan "Healthcare made in Germany," are looking for wealthy patients from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. To make it easier, travel agents offer package deals, arranging for visas, transportation, and translators. The agencies will even make appointments with physicians, and help with the check-in procedures at hospitals.

    In Eastern Europe, Lithuania is also offering medical services. International Medical Services, with offices in Santa Ana, California, advertises: "Consider this: a world-class hospital, an experienced professional doctor, complete privacy and an IMS representative by your side whenever requested; plus full body Liposuction and a Face Lift – this whole package for only $8000!"

    Meanwhile, Cape Doctor, in Cape Town, South Africa, lists on its website the wide-ranging procedures it offers: "cosmetic & reconstructive surgery; maxillo facial & oral surgery; urology surgery; renal disease & kidney dialysis; dialysis (regular and holiday services); kidney transplants (family); orthopaedic surgery; general & vascular surgery; gynaecology surgery, gynae oncology and paediatric gynaecology; ear, nose & throat surgery including cosmetic rhinoplasty & botox therapy; fertility surgery; ophthalmic and cataract surgery."

    Closer to home, Costa Rican surgeons offer a variety of cosmetic procedures, including tummy tucks and full dental restorations, all at bargain prices, and Barbados offers infertility treatments. In the Far East, meanwhile, Malaysia promotes Lasik eye surgery.

    By any standards, the country with the lead in medical tourism has been Thailand.

    (Detailed article on

    • More U.S. patients boldly go where medical tourists have gone before - Back surgery in Bangkok? Rhinoplasty in Rio? CT scans in Singapore? In recent years, a few intrepid pioneers made headlines by circumventing the exorbitant U.S. health care system to receive major medical treatment abroad at a fraction of the cost at home. Some of the first high-profile cases sought treatment at Bangkok's premier Bumrungrad Hospital, the subject of a 60 Minutes profile and an earlier Employee Benefit News article. Now sharp entrepreneurs have established medical tourism agencies to make cutting-edge and cut-rate medicine a reality for increasing numbers of Americans. The companies have vetted hospitals and forged relationships with providers in India, Thailand, Singapore and elsewhere to offer consumers, insurers and employers savings as much as 80% off major medical procedures. Detailed article on
    • Medical tourism: What are your options?- Today, more and more Americans are heading overseas for expensive surgeries to save on the rising cost of health care in the United States. Meanwhile, many employers who sponsor self-insured group health plans are also interested in outsourcing medical procedures to foreign countries in order to reduce or control their costs.
      But is medical tourism a serious long-term option for employees and businesses in the United States? Detailed article on


    India can attract 1m health tourists

    With internationally recognised healthcare professionals, holistic medicinal services and low cost of treatment, India can attract over one million health tourists every year, according to industry body CII.

    The country offers a unique mix of indigenous systems such as yoga, ayurveda and meditation and western medicinal systems like allopathy. This, along with world class experts and the cost advantage, can help attract over a million patients and earn $5 billion every year, a CII release said.
    While a heart surgery costs $30,000 in the US, it costs $6,000 in India. Similarly, a bone marrow transplant costs $26,000 here compared to $250,000 in the US, the release said adding that India should leverage its competitive strength to promote medical tourism.
    About 1.5 lakh patients had come to the country last year and the chamber along with Indian Healthcare Federation is working with tour operators for promoting packages to attract more medical tourists.
    CII and IHCF would also suggest a list of reputed hospitals in major cities with details of service and an indicative uniform price band in major specialities, it said. This would facilitate foreign patients seeking treatment in the country, the release said.
    Citing the example of Thailand, CII said India should aggressively publicise its traditional medicinal system and health services in association with the tourism authorities.
    However, the country would have to improve its healthcare infrastructure, connectivity between major cities and streamline immigration procedure for medical visitors, CII said. Accreditation of Indian hospitals is also essential for attracting such tourists, it added.

    Source: SIFY

    Note: Page last updated: July 2017





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